Level 137
Blood Drinker
cursed mysticism
Lucas John Barnabas Suh
1883 2001 01 25
born N.O, LA, USA
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the story of suh

Lucas was born a bitter cold but radiantly sunny January morning. Or so, he likes to imagine he did. He has no real idea of where he came from or who he came from. All he knows is that his mother was Mexican and his father Korean and that they died before he was able to form even a single memory of them.
But that's okay, because for all the memories he lacked of bloodlines, he has twofolds of family that chose him and he chose in turn. Being raised by Khiraen and in The Estate was all Lucas could've ever wished for. He never found himself truly wanting for something different than exactly the life he had.
He had his brothers from nearly the start - Jay and Jeno who became so close they might as well have been direct relations of him. And Khiraen who taught him to be the very best he could be at all times, to be proud of who and what he was, and enjoy it all.
They went through difficult times together, from Katrina at barely 4, 5 and 6 years old to attacks and more, but as a family they got through it all. Their school were affected here and there. The three brothers graduated a year later than anyone their age all around the country but they knew they had it better than most.
Lucas was already too full of energy for most, naturally curious and loud and playful to almost a fault. He grew close to almost everyone he could, loving to talk and learn even when lessons ended or most needed rest. It lead to a natural friendly popularity, not for anything like good looks but mostly through laughter and jokes and good graces.
Being a vampire was the only thing that set people at odds with him. A strange thing to be since birth and easily misunderstood by newcomers and feared or targeted by those who existed outside of the safety of the school. Lucas grew surrounded by enough love to know how to handle himself through threats and mayhem, and to not let outside views errode his sense of self fully.
Calm was found in two things - music and photography. Lucas loved to capture every moment with a song to match and a photo for proof. He started taking part in clubs where he could use either one of these interests. This lead him to start the school's first radio show with Jay's help, which lasted their whole highschool stint. Lucas also worked on the yearbook, making a project of mini interviews paired with a photo of the person who had caught his eye. It evolved into photos of moments all the class would remember in years to come.
Lucas knew since young he had to be prepared for the future, for a prophecy that would come to find those that only he could protect. A curse that ran through his blood and theirs, the kind that twisted so far downward and rotten that Khiraen himself could not undo. Lucas didn't take responsability lightly yet not heavily other. A life's worth of training meant a life's worth of confidence that he could face what was coming and still have more to face after.
The future ended up being New York, a happy coincidence since Jay was already there and Jeno had his sights on spending time there with his beloved. Lucas had had to wait, wanting to jet off and start a big life as a hero in every regard, from justice to film that could remind the forgotten they too were seen and important. There were still a few things to be learnt, a few things to settle and polish off perfect. So Lucas stayed in New Orleans until Spring started sliding towards Summer and the challenges were finally ready to be faced.

20 y/o reincarnation.
Currently living in NY, NY with Jay and Jeno.
Mrs Buttersworth lives with his brothers.
Studying film and photography.
Portafolio / project.
Blue hour radio.
the hidden chapter
golden hour#9917
193 cm / 84 kg / mexican & korean
speaks english, spanish, french, some korean
coffee, fashion, DJing, stuffed animals, piano, basketball, volleyball, bourbon, cigars, beignets, po'boys, gumbo
swordfighting, archery, horse riding, sharpshooting, hunting, krav maga, southern cooking, horticulture, first aid, sewing, stitching and carpentry
true blood, the good place, the office, parks and rec, x-files, daredevil, watchmen, great british bakeoff
big fish, michael keaton's batman, john wick, before sunset, the princess bride, black and white movies, all the toy story's, guardian of the galaxy, high school musical (with Jay only), Jurassic Park, Armageddon, brat pack movies, golden compass, spiderman: into the spiderverse
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